We and our partners design, build and service complete solutions for
commercial, tourism, private and communal engineering (PPP)
projects in Germany, Greece and Cyprus (EU).

We work in the following fields:

* Develop and build of Offices and business premises in Germany
* Develop and build of governmental buildings in Germany
* Multi-storey car parks (open & closed areas) in Germany
* Develop and build of Tourism and vacation villages in Greece

We offer a return of over five (5%) percent p.a., in Germany. The
minimum amount with Arzumanidis Investments is €15 million.

The preparation time of a PPP project in Germany, takes
approximately 1 year. We and our partners offer our clients
depth of experience with a variety of property types including
office buildings, tourism projects and communal engineering
(PPP) projects in Germany.

If you are interested in a long-term investment in Germany,
Greece or EU-Cyprus, then you are right with us. Share
our success and become our investment partner in
Germany, Greece or Cyprus.

Viewings are accepted upon special request. Serious
buyers with real LOI are welcomed.

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