Project Summary

The plot is in one of the most beautiful natural marvels within Brazil, contain innumerous
astonishing beaches and 360 islands.

Along the years this location became also attractive for many famous and prominent
personalities that acquired those fascinating Islands and build wonderful mansions
only accessible by boats and where yachting became not only natural, but one of
the main activities along with many of the aquatic sports activities on its surface.

But its natural
beauty goes beyond and deeper in to the ocean where this natural marvel offers a
rich underwater life, favoring all sub aquatic activities as well. Take a look at our
new project in cooperation with our local partner in Brazil.

New build project in best location in Brazil.

Option 1:
The size of the plot is 30,000 m² for the new build construction of a condominium
of 200 luxury apartment units of 160 m² in average, all with frontal sea view, a
Club with sports facilities and a Marina Deck.

Optioin 2:
The plots size is 30.000 m² for the construction of resort Hotel or Apart Hotel
with 400 luxury apartment units of 75 m² in average, all with frontal sea view,
a Club with sports facilities and
a Marina Deck.

Objective: Partner with an investor to fund project.

Required investment to start project is USD 15,4 mln (fifteen million four
hundred thousand US dollars) to acquire property, pay for licenses, build
infrastructure, finish the approval of all architectonic blueprints, Marketing
and others.

We estimate 7 month for licenses and 25 month construction period (may
vary according to local authority’s demands and bureaucracy).

Investment period: The investment will be for a total period of max. 7 years.

ROI: Estimated ROI for the 7 years period investment is 90%, in average
18% per year.

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