Project Summary

On the island of Naxos we have a large plot (on the beach) of 27,000 m².

Buying a small holiday complex is probably the biggest investment
you will make. Our Energy saving houses offer is something special
in your life. Our exclusive real estate offer: 36 new build houses
in 3 blocks, each apartment has a living area on 2 level of total
120 m². The plot has his own beach. Your benefit, in our final
price are included:

  1. Permit for the 36 Row houses of 120 m² living space
  2. Solar heating system of Grammer Solar Germany
  3. Italian kitchen
  4. Internet via HomePlug (PowerLan)
  5. A/C & Alarm system
  6. Property management
  7. Insurance service
  8. Central parking area for one (1) car
  9. Interior design consulting
  10. Parquet floor in the bedroom
  11. Pool in front of the house
  12. A large pool in front of the houses
  13. 360 days rental service
  14. 24 h secure service
  15. 50 m² courtyard
  16. Children's Playground

Our offer: each house EUR 400,000 included your own pool
in front of the house. You don`t pay transfer tax and legal
expenses. You buy a share of the project of exclusive 36
houses on the island of Naxos.

Alternative: You buy the completed project of Ariadne Village in
Naxos of 36 Row houses plus a reception of 520 m² included
4 shops, 1 restaurant, parking area for one (1) car, total
investment: EUR 14,4 mln

  • Private Capital Company
  • Spacious, all apartments with sea views
  • Traditional architectural features of the Cyclades
  • Residential facilities incl. kitchen, solar heating system
  • Property Management
  • Rental Yield of 8% p.a.
  • Gated Community
  • Prime position with your own sandy beach
  • Next Airport ca. 6 km (2 flights on day in summer)
  • You don`t pay transfer tax and legal expenses

The houses will be only rented, the project will be finished in 2016,
prime position with your own sandy beach, next Airport ca. 6 km
(2 flights on day in summer). Contact us today to receive the full
investment pack. We offer exclusive vacation homes included

Major growth potential for vacation houses make Naxos one of
our most popular markets. With price growth forecasts of 15%
over the next three years, and with the growing the Cyclades
district already recognised as one of the key leisure and
residential locations, the Cyclades is one of the most promising
opportunities in Greece, we’ve secured so far.

The Investment Offer: We are aiming for an investment of EUR
14,4 mln in the period of 2016-2019.

Therefore a Strategic Investor will be investigated to invest in
the project with a capital of 14,4 mln EUR. The Funding forms
would be a Private Capital Company. If you buy a property you
will be a shareholder of the Private Capital Company (Ltd.).

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